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Amit Shah says that NDA won’t take back Chandrababu Naidu after Lok Sabha elections

While addressing a gathering of booth workers at Vizianagaram, in Andhra Pradesh, Bhartiya Janta Party Chief Amit Shah said that National Democratic Alliance (NDA) would not welcome Chandrababu Naidu after the results of 2019 Lok Sabha elections.

BJP President Amit Shah during the event referred Andhra Pradesh chief minister Chandrababu Naidu as a “U-turn” chief minister and also narrated the political career of the chief of Telugu Desam Party.

Amidst his speech, Shah said that Naidu started his career with the Congress when the party was in power, and he soon joined NT Ramarao’s TDP when Congress lost the elections.

“But at the opportune moment, he stabbed NTR in the back and stole his party. When Atal Bihari Vajpayee became the prime minister, Naidu joined the NDA, but left it soon after the NDA government fell in 2004,” Shah said.

For a long period of time, Naidu was not a part of any major political organization. He spent near about ten years without the support of any political party, said Shah. Later when he realized that he could not survive in politics and wouldn’t come to power without Narendra Modi, he joined the NDA. Shah said that Naidu, who once opposed National Democratic Alliance joined it to come in power.

“Just before the Telangana elections, he left the NDA and joined the Congress, which had once insulted the Telugu people. Naidu did not stay on with the Congress for very long. When he lost in Telangana, he left the Congress and joined the Mahagathbandhan,” Shah said.

Shah besides this also said that as soon as the results of the upcoming Lok Sabha elections would come up, Naidu will again put efforts to return to the BJP fold. Shah added that all doors to the NDA are closed for Naidu and this time we won’t let him back.


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