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Free food for passengers at Indian Railways stations if vendors do not provide authenticate bills: IRCTC

New Delhi: In order to provide higher passenger satisfaction on the Indian Railways network, Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) has taken a step ahead. Besides providing facilities including safety, sanitation, catering services, comfort, etc., IRCTC has made a move against fraudulent vendors that are overcharging in the name of the Indian Railways.

IRCTC recently in one of the statements mentioned that customers shouldn’t pay for food purchased from Indian Railways stations if the vendors are unable to provide proper bills to the customers.

A recent report says that if a food vendor declines to produce a valid bill against all the purchases, then a passenger has all rights to take the food without paying anything. IRCTC executives regarding the concern are also making announcements at the Indian Railways stations, the reports added.

IRCTC has come up with such an initiative to lower down the numbers of unauthorised food vendors selling food at the Indian Railways stations and overcharging passengers. Such an initiative by the department will also diminish the complaints of passengers getting cheated by the food vendors, say reports.

One of the Railways officials in a statement said that if any passenger faces similar issues, he/she should file their respective complaints by approaching the designated train captains. Passengers can reach the captains via phone numbers provided on the Indian Railways stations, the official added.

“The IRCTC’s wants more passengers to utilise its catering services without facing the risk of being overcharged or misled. This will also curb the unauthorised vendors,” NewsChannel reported citing IRCTC spokesperson Pinakin Morawala, adding, “passengers are being told that they should always buy food items from authorised IRCTC food vendors and demand valid bills. If the vendors do not provide bills, the passengers must, under no circumstances, pay.”

“The IRCTC has a fixed price of all the food items sold, including water. If the passengers start asking for bills, we will be able to ascertain if the vendor is from the IRCTC or not,” the newspaper report said citing an unnamed IRCTC official.




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